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Reading Log / Introduction (1 - 100) PDF Reading Log (501 - 600) PDF
Reading Log (101 - 200) PDF Reading Log (601 - 700) PDF
Reading Log (201 - 300) PDF Reading Log (701 - 800) PDF
Reading Log (301 - 400) PDF Reading Log (801 - 900) PDF
Reading Log (401 - 500) PDF  Reading Log (901 - 1000) PDF

The 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program is designed to help parents/caregivers prepare their children for one of life’s big milestones: Kindergarten! A number of research projects have proven over and over again that children get ready to read years before they begin their formal education. The most effective way to get your child ready to learn is to read to them.

How to Get Started:
1. Sign up for the program by visiting the Children’s Department. You can sign up at any time. Make sure to stop by the library to pick up your first reading log and a folder to store all your logs.

2. Come back every time you have completed 50 books to receive a stamp for every 50 books you share together, a small prize at the 100 book mark, and your next 100 books log. You can also print the log in a .pdf file from home on our website. When you reach 200, 500, and 800, come in for your ~special prizes~.

3. When you have finished 1,000 books your child will be able to select a new picture book to be added to the Library collection. The book will include a bookplate with the child’s name on it. Your child will be the first one able to check out their honor book and will be invited to a 1,000

Books Before Kindergarten graduation party!

It is up to you:
You can record the same book more than once if your child has a favorite you read all the time! If you read the book to more than one of your children, you can record it on each of their logs. You can keep a log for each child or a family log! You can go through this as quickly as you can or as slowly as you need. You have until your child enters Kindergarten. You decide what works best for your family! It is up to you!

-Have fun! Reading together should never be a chore.

-Take every chance you have to read with your children, tell and talk about stories, say nursery rhymes, and sing songs.
-Expose your children to a variety of different types of stories and vocabulary. Learning depends on repetition. It is good when children ask for favorite stories to be read again and again. When you have the opportunity, introduce new stories so that your child has a chance to experience and hear as many new words and concepts as possible.

-Children learn best when they are in a good mood, so read with your child when the experience will be the most pleasurable for both of you.

Time to Think:
-If you read three stories at bedtime every night for one year, you’ll have shared 1,095 books!
-If you read one story at bedtime every night for three years you’ll have shared 1,095 books!
-If you read ten books a week for two years, you’ll have shared 1,040 books!
-This small time commitment is well worth the advantage you will be giving your child and the memories that you will form spending time with them.

**Thank you to the Upper Merion Township Library for allowing us to use the information from their log packet.** Graphics purchased from mygrafico.com Included in

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